Pre-21 Day Fix

Two and a half years ago when I had my son I weighed in at a whopping 272 pounds.  As soon as I recovered from my c-section, I immediately joined Weight Watchers and began yoga.  I lost almost 70 pounds in one year.  Two bad relationships and a move back in with my parents later, here I am, 274.  I quit smoking a month ago, and I know the cold turkey quitting of smoking can make food less resistible, leading to weight gain.  So, I just bought the 21 Day Fix.  It is not a New Years Resolution.  It is more of, I have my graduation in September, and I want to go to the beach…  And I KNOW I wont weight 150 pounds, have abs, and no cellulite by then… BUT, I know I can feel better than I do now.  That even if I only lose 40 pounds, I won’t be a 2X-3X more an XL to a 1X.  The tank-tini will not seem so extreme, and will be welcome.

The biggest plus is I can wear all the clothes I bought when I weighed 200 pounds.  I really hope it is here tomorrow, so I can go shopping after I read the plan.  Wish me luck, and I will update as I go along.  I will also post a before and after picture.  I know I can do this, because I have done it before!

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